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Nokia C7 Review – Nokia N8 "Relowded" Don't blame u, ur first update was FP1, which was 40MB, u gonna understand what i mean when you get matured with updates in the future. This is kinda dumb bro. U should know by now, Nothing is perfect on earth. U gonna open u water dropping mouth and tell me EH!

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Quite dumb, why not make one yourself if u don't like it? Got your Radio or Screensaver in landscape? Ur native music player displays lyrics or add more equalizer without the help of an installed software There are different commands in the 'BE9 folder and this has been set by default from Z, how many of this can u modify How many scriptinit hav u personalized? Abi make i continue? Uncle find somewhere siddown o. How many of the above stuffs have u can u do with your basic Nokia Belle feature pack 1 i guess not, that is if you know what most of them means.

It seems u have got some bug my dear friend, u have got problem adapting to changes. Open your eyes man, i never said N8 was smoother than any Android or whateva.. Scroll back up and read with your eyes open.

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Maybe in few months i could start arguing GS2 over another phone.. Good luck with your Uncle Jedi, see u at the other side in future. This totally cracked me up. I dey follow you pray too o. These boiz too sabi. I no feel say na the same symbian I dey use o. Temmy Man you're getting annoying. Just show me a single place where the op used N8 and I would do as I've said. If you can't, remain silent. I posted my opinion on the first page just like I've done severally but you came and attacked me saying TFTs are trash forgetting that much better phones still use TFTs and that has a better screen even than N8.

Like I've always said this is a comparison and doesn't only look better but has better specs. Why do u even think they were divided in the first place? Do you think its just to display alphabets? Mind you you cant change the cache for everything to E.

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Even while using a CFW some must still be on C: But even if what you said is true, its senseless to go through all that just to get mb when I can get mb and never worry about running out of memory. Like I've always said installing a CFW on a phone is not worth it in anyway. You can spare your misinformation about firmwares to your ignorant folk. Remember I'm still waiting for a link to belle fp1 for n8 on navifirm. Or have you forgotten??

So you expect any sensible person to rely on downloading the whole firmware from Navifirm or through PC suite when I can easily get the additions through an OTA update. The hassles of Navifirm and phoenix should be left to you who has to use it to get a decent smartphone experience. Man go back and check those your mb CFW and you would see they are not complete as you would have to add the remaining from the OFW. I've used a complete CFW and it was about mb. When I talk of bugs I'm not talking of trash.

I'm talking of excessive battery drainage, too frequent restarts, wifi or Bluetooth on longer working, flash no longer working e. For me it was my excessive heating up and restarts and battery not lasting above 6 hours and please don't mention battery saving patches which a whole lot of people were also experiencing. Although the guy later updated the stuff but by then I had seen it was a total waste of time.

You should have known by by now that I'm someone who goes beyond the hype. Its pathetic if your purpose of flashing with a CFW was to achieve those things as they can either be achieved without it or are utterly useless. Like I said, the only useful thing I saw in a CFW was the ability for the phone to remain hacked even with a hard reset.

You said that you did not own the phone was the reason why you mistook the location of the audio out. Was that also the reason why your little experiment regarding the battery life and fm transmitter has only been experienced by you?? Man stop this trash the fact is that you have never used a You should start by getting to use one first. What I said is that I consider N8 too laggy a device for me to use in If you think its smooth for you then thats pathetic cos you definitely haven't used anything better as you claim.

You need to know that AMOLED mainly affects one area of screen technology which is contrast and also brings alot of disadvantages. Apart from contrast, there are a million other ways of affecting screen performance. Just like I've always said this decision is based on my usage which I've proved so whether you believe it or not is inconsequential cos to you anybody that tries to show you the light has never used N8.

How pathetic AND remember I always give proof not depending on some delusional stuff than cannot be proven anywhere. Go back and take a look at those screen shots posted. Ok the poster didn't mention that right. Oga, na this mouth we see u for, Always ranting! Man where is your location? U have got nothing to lose Comparing both in your hands and see which one is much better in display. No 1 attacked u na, I only told the poster to go for Amoled other than TFT, just because has the opposite screen, U start your regular ranting again.. Normally i ll put this on my topic on dailymobile but i ll put it here anyway, C: This files takes up MB on scratch and nothing more.

Now i think u can see the difference between C and E, and the reason why it is being partitioned that way. Jedisco, i know ur type. He prints out stuffs from GSMArena almost everyday and he could tell u d history of flashing a phone whereas he has neva seen phoenix, Cyclone or Jaf box.

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Na only mouth people like u dey. I'm gonna be frank with u. Trust Me. U are more like someone who watches his mates playing football outside from the window. I don't claim to be a guru or whatever man, i do love going beyond the basics and making something outta nothing, i have uploaded the screenshot to my own personal FW so keep mute about my purpose of flashing cos u know nothing.

How will u know how the size of a complete firmware? Your mb firmware size is quite pathetic and Hilarious, I think others who has really seen and downloaded this can testify You asked me to list the Advantages and reasons why i use a CFW, what about what i listed at my previous posts above??

Could upload them if u want , How many of this widget do u have in transparent mode, Wait before u eat me raw, i know u hav installed some and changed som Mifs dat is if u have but can u change That of the Embedded stuff requires some changes from their source and not just from Mif. Temmy You can spare your misinformation about firmwares to your ignorant folk.

Are the program embedded into your ROM that makes that thing u are holding a phone! OTA Update.. The easiest is the PC suite which as well is kinda risky concerning the kinda network back home. Normally the PC suite doesnt support multiple Node to nokia server so it is just one time download all through. U have just bricked your phone!! The 2nd Method is manual update.

Here, u need to have the FW u wanna use ready plus your updating software. That is it! Now tell me, isnt it gonna be a wise idea using the second method when u v got nothing to lose? I shake my head for u Now lets talk about total and partial update. This is the kinda update u had. Dude, go back to that blog where u read about the size of firmwares Cos am pretty sure u never used one and read again. Before I reply you, let me make something clear to you.

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I don't go about shouting all the phone I've seen when its absolutely not important to a particular discussion. This is an online forum and anything that can only be proven in your house should remain there just like the much better battery life and fm transmitter of your N8. Man millions of these phones are made and when you're the only person experiencing something out of over 4 million, its simply shows you're lying.

Even worse is the fact that you believe that you're the only one who has come across a Nokia phone.

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Thats pathetic! You said you can never use a tft in and I said that I prefer the screen on to that on N8. Then you came up with your false pics and I went ahead to give you several reviews and videos But as usual you throw them away in your delusion want me to believe false pics which only you have seen.

You don't take one aspect of a technology and base senseless claims on it. Again pathetic reasoning? Again you come with a long and senseless explanation. I would rather go with something that has MB and be sure I would never run out on C: Just like I've been frank with you, nothing stops me from saying I've owned E7, N8, C7, , , , , bla bla bla and when I'm asked to prove the simplest of my claims I go over the whole line of lies again.

Can't you even see that its obvious you're either ignorant of lying. Its obvious from this thread that as far as understanding smartphones outside N8 is, you're lacking. Hahahaha I couldn't stop laughing when I saw your 'stable' rant. Even java phones are stable. My old N73 and N86 were stable. I used to believe that trash until the fp1 update that increased increased the processor speed from 1GHz to 1. Now compare that to doubling the ram and processor speed.

You must have been to busy reading tutorials to think that the whole belle fp1 firmware is just MB. Although functionality is the same, far fewer taps are needed to get to the majority of settings and functions. Note also that the 'Close-up' mode for the N8 video capture i. Procedure If you have not already done so, update Nokia Suite to the latest version. If your PC is online, the software will check for update availability. You can go into the updater tab to force a refresh of this, if needed. The update is downloaded. If you've previously installed Belle on another device and the version number is the same, the same update source is used, saving you and Nokia download time and bandwidth.

Follow the prompts on-screen. Nokia Suite then completely wipes the internal C: Nokia Suite then restores your data, backed up above.

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Nokia Store will prompt for an immediate update to the latest QML version - accept this and wait while it installs. While you're there, look for Nokia Social 1. Note that, once run and logged into Facebook, Nokia Social will take some background time updating your Contacts thumbnails. Please allow for this and accept that Contacts will appear to be constantly changing for a while.

Note that any applications that had been installed to the internal C disk will need re-installing from the Nokia Store or from your original SIS files etc. Known issues As with any major OS update, there are bound to be some minor glitches. So far, I've noticed: More as and when we discover it! I would've preferred the other way around, but for unknown reasons Nokia decided differently. That means the memory card is not hot-swappable and you will have to remove the battery to replace it.

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Overall, Nokia C7 features a compact build with hints of elegance and better ergonomics than the N8. Display and Camera. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best displays ever made by Nokia. It was also used for the N8, which means that you'll be paying less for the same quality, if you get the C7 instead of the N8. The screen generates a high quality image, even when used outdoors, in direct sunlight. The screen is covered by scratch resistant Gorilla glass, which makes it almost unbreakable.

Still, the display is prone to fingerprints and grease. The phone also features a built-in accelerometer for display auto-rotation, multi-touch input method, as well as proximity sensor for auto turn-off. The 8-megapixel camera of the C7 features fixed-focus, dual-LED flash, geo-tagging and a straightforward interface.

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This is where the C7 scores lower than the N8's, which features a megapixel snapper with Carl Zeiss optics, autofocus and Xenon flash. Even though the C7 is slimmer because it lacks the bigger megapixel module camera, it seems that Nokia also dropped some good features, not only the number of megapixels.

Fixed-focus is nowhere near the autofocus feature, while the Carl Zeiss optics make a difference when compared with common ones, anytime. The camera can take photos of up to x pixels in resolution, but the lack of autofocus will make close-up photos are worse than the N8's. Furthermore, the processing software of the camera tends to over-sharpen objects, while the noise reduction smears fine detail.

The camera UI is another downside, as it seems old and obsolete with just the standard settings: However, for those who wish to improve image quality, setting the Sharpness at a lower levels will help. Taking night pictures won't be a problem, thanks to the dual-LED flash, but the results won't be satisfying for close-ups closer than 50 cm.

The maximum resolution that can be used for video recording is p 25fps in MP4 format. The quality of the clips is surprisingly good compared with the pictures, but selecting the maximum resolution will take its toll on the storage space.

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Check out the samples below for a more accurate opinion about the quality of the photo snapper. Menu and Software. Given the fact that both devices were launched at the same time, there's no difference between the software packages. The main menu can also be rearranged to look like a grid or list, but I wouldn't recommend the latter as you won't have all the icons in front of you and you will waste time scrolling through the programs. You will find applications that come pre-installed with the phone together with the Clock, Photo and Video editor, User guide, Social networking services, YouTube client, Search, Ovi music, Office, Notes, Mail and other Symbian-specific functions.

Kinetic scrolling is now present and works perfectly. Clicking near the battery icon, on the upper right corner of the homescreen will give users quick access to the connectivity settings, alarms, as well as power saving features. To bring up the Main menu key, click the large middle key. The key can also be set to highlight when you receive a message or you miss a call. Some of the key applications that come pre-loaded with Nokia C7 include: There's no media sub-menu, but you get some dedicated apps under the Music menu: Unfortunately, you will have to pay to upgrade the QuickOffice application in case you want to create and edit new documents.