Cell phone pass metal detectors

Foiling Metal Detectors

go The CEIA EMA analyser family design started in ; since then the number of sensors installed on-board have been growing in order to comply with the increasing requirements on the liquid threats to be detected and on the kind of containers to be inspected. The comprehensive set of sensors installed on the equipment makes the EMA liquid analyser a unique machine on the market providing very high security and set for future detection requirements. A disposable cup allows sampling and measurement of a minimum quantity of liquid to be analysed.

The fields generated in the inspection cavity are weak in intensity and non-ionizing, therefore completely safe for the liquids and for the operator.

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The fields interact with containers and with their content. The entire volume is analyzed in order to verify its conformity with allowed liquids. Calibration is carried out automatically by the unit. Infrared IR Magnetic Inductive Gravimetric Inspection Characteristics Commercial Bottles of any shape and materials including plastic, glass, metal with capacity ranging from ml to ml Type A sample cups volume: In case of open containers such as cups and thermos flasks, it is possible to carry out the analysis by means of an optional type A analyzer, using small disposable plastic sample cups.

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The external probe is installed on the right side of the device. Analysis time: Wheels and locking brakes allow comfortable mobile deployment.

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Brochures Manuals Click here to register Technical Drawings. Type A Standard 3 certified. TSA qualified. Type A Compact size and ergonomic design Certified to screen liquids in clear, colored and opaque plastic and glass, metal and metallized containers Very low combined Nuisance Alarm Rate: No-ionizing source or part in movements No maintenance required Brochures. Description Examples of liquid containers that can be screened with EMA.

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Put it in your waist band behind your belt. So if it sets off the alarm and they use a wand it'll just assume it's the belt. If you have to take your belt off then I don't know what to tell you. Good luck! For the best answers, search on this site https: That would prevent it from being detected by most xrays, and of course the metal detector should be fooled depending upon how strong its frequency is.

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Detector finds smuggled cellphones even without batteries or SIM cards

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