Cisco ios h 323 gateway configuration

Cisco IOS H.323 Gateway Configuration for Use with Cisco CallManager Find A Community.

H.323 Gateway Prerequisite Tasks

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H.323 Configuration Guide, Cisco IOS Release 15M&T

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Ihsan Maranchery. Thanks alot. Latest Contents. Unity Connection SQL query that displays subscriber and exte Created by Jay Schulze on Cisco Simple Connect My Teams 2. Created by Dasaaved on Presentation from Cisco SMB webinar connect my teams. Router config-if hgateway voip bind srcaddr ip-address.

Cisco IOS Voice, Video, and Fax Configuration Guide, Release 12.2

This command sets the source IP address to be used for this gateway. The IP address is used for outgoing H. You do not have to issue this command on the interface that you defined as the voice gateway interface although it might be more convenient to do so.

H 323 Gateway Configuration for CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE Collaboration Candidates

Use this command on the interface that contains the IP address to which you want to bind for example, a loopback interface. Normally you configure only one codec when you configure a dial peer on a gateway.

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However, you can configure a prioritized list of codecs to increase the probability of establishing a connection between endpoints during the H. No further configuration is needed. To configure codec negotiation, you must first create a codec voice class and populate with a list of codecs in order of their preference. Enter voice-class configuration mode and assign an identification tag number for this codec voice class.

Router config voice class codec tag. This command only creates the voice class for codec selection preference and assigns an identification tag. Use the codec preference command to specify the parameters of the voice class, and use the voice-class codec dial-peer command to apply the voice class to a VoIP dial peer.

Value The order of preference, with 1 being the most preferred and 14 being the least preferred codec-type The codec preferred. Values are as follows:. Clear Channel 64, bps galaw: Enables codec capabilities to be passed transparently between endpoints Note: The transparent keyword is not supported when the call-start command is configured. Values depend on the codec type and the packet voice protocol. Enter dial-peer configuration mode for the VoIP dial peer. Router config dial-peer voice tag voip.

Specify a single codec or assign the previously configured codec selection preference list to the VoIP dial peer. The last part of the scenario requires you to adjust some of the H. Create an H. Router config voice class h tag.

Configuring H.323 Gateways

To set the H. The number of seconds for the timeout range is 0 to The default is If you specify 0, the H. Assign the previously configured H.

Prerequisites for Configuring H.323 Gateways

To configure a Cisco device as an H gateway in a service provider. Ensure that the routers you intend to configure as H gateways are running a Cisco IOS software image.

Router config-dial-peer voice-class h tag. The timeout value, in minutes. The range is 0 to If you specify 0, the timer is disabled, and the TCP connection is closed immediately after all the calls are cleared. This command specifies the time to maintain an established H. If the timer expires, the connection is closed. If the timer is running and any new call is made on that connection, the timer stops.

Finding Feature Information

PBXs and telephone switches are frequently programmed to intercept hookflash indications and use them as a way to allow a user to invoke supplemental services. This command sets the source IP address to be used for this gateway. Displays the gatekeeper zone prefix table. Specifies the reason a call was taken offline as defined in the Q. This provides greater flexibility in configuring gateways in different network environments. To configure a Cisco device as an H. This information is encrypted using MD5 hashing and is included in the cryptoTokens field.

When all the calls are cleared on that connection, the timer starts again. Example illustrates the complete H. Example H. Router config voice service voip Router conf-voi-serv h Router conf-voi-serv no shutdown Router config interface loopback 0 Router config-if ip address Router config-dial-peer codec galaw Router config voice class h Router config-class h timeout tcp establish 10 Router config-class h timeout setup 10 Router config dial-peer voice voip Router config-dial-peer voice-class h Router config voice service voip Router conf-voi-serv h Tones used by fax machines can be degraded by a codec for example, G.

In an H.

H Gateway Dial-Peer Configuration for Cisco CallManager Server Redundancy - Cisco

Figure shows an example of a topology containing a voice gateway that is configured for H. Fax pass-through is configured to forward faxes from a T1 mu-law , and fax relay is disabled. This scenario requires a company's headquarters in San Jose to be able to fax to its Austin office using fax pass-through. As a network administrator, your responsibility is to configure the gateway to meet the requirements of the network. Complete the following steps to configure fax pass-through and relay with dial-peers.

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